Live Sex Cam Story

So I was thinking about the first time that I enjoyed a live sex chat cam. It was a few years ago, and the technology was still pretty new, and to be honest, at first I did not believe that I was paying five dollars a minute to watch people have live sex on the computer screen, but I logged in and had to check it out.

My friend and I were surprised that it actually worked, this was several years ago, so the video was very small, it was like a 1 inch by 1 inch video window, maybe a little bigger, and watching them have sex for a minute was cool, but then we thought, “hey what ig this is just recorded video?”. So we typed in the chat window to change positions and they did, then we asked them to smack some ass, and they did! Still being a little unsure we then asked to put the right hand on the left boob and pull up, they did. Then we asked for them to blow us a kiss, and they did!

Fucking cool! the live sex cam is awesome, adults from all over the world can enjoy being a voyeur or showing off for other people around the world. The video technology has gotten much better over the years and we have enjoyed some very cool, live sex chat action lately. There is a huge selection of live guys and live girls that we check out quieter regularly on sex chat sex chat dot com. More on this later.

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